Matthew T. Phillips

ALSB Declaration of Candidacy

Dear colleagues:

With humility and excitement, I wish to be a candidate for election as ALSB’s secretary-treasurer at next year’s (Savannah) annual conference.

In five years of ALSB membership, I have had the honor of managing the Hewitt Master Teacher Competition, presenting at multiple conferences, and serving as a reviewer for ABLJ. What really motivates me to serve is the way that, in the ALSB, I’ve become part of a large business law department. I only have one full-time business law colleague at Wake Forest, but through ALSB, I have dozens of colleagues at every rank and specialty. We talk about the new teaching methods each of us are trying, the wonderful research you’re publishing or planning, the challenges of leadership roles, and the quirks of assessment task forces and committees. This is the place where I find expertise and counsel, challenge and support.

In the next stage of my participation in the ALSB, I want to focus on enabling that sense of collegiality and opportunity that has made it so valuable to me and my institution. I think a role on the executive committee is the best way to do that, but regardless of my “seat on the bus” in the years to come, I look forward to helping steward this outstanding organization. I would be deeply honored by and grateful for your support.

Matthew Phillips
John Hendley Fellow and Associate Teaching Professor
Director, BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism