Matthew T. Phillips

Ethics and Enterprise (Marble Collegiate Church)

I had the wonderful privilege of presenting in the Marble Colloquium series at Marble Collegiate Church this weekend. Many may know Marble as the home of Norman Vincent Peale, but for me it’s the home of one of my pastoral mentors, the Rev. Dr. Michael Brown. Michael was the senior pastor at Centenary United Methodist in Winston-Salem while I was in college and through my attempt to live out a unique calling bridging law and faith, first as a professional minister and then as a committed layperson. He was an incredibly generous and important partner in my vocational discernment.

Michael and another long-time friend and partner in faith, Marble executive minister Rev. Dr. Mark King, invited me to be part of their Colloquium series; I was honored to take part.

The session was a fun opportunity to intentionally explore the theological work that happens in my own mind behind the business ethics lessons that I teach. I teach in a secular environment, and there are a lot of good things about that—not least of which is the chance to work with a wonderfully diverse set of people—but I was fascinated by the challenge and opportunity of bringing together different parts of my perspective in this talk.

The session was LiveStreamed and is now available on the Church’s archive page. There’s an awkward clip at the beginning, but my full session begins at 2:25:40.