Matthew T. Phillips

Willing to pay the price

The newest member of the Wake Forest University athletic staff knows what it means to make a stand based on your values and to pay the price. Jeff Nix, previously director of scouting for the New York Knicks, testified against Knicks president Isaiah Thomas in a harassment trial and was subsequently fired by the Knicks.

Some whistleblowers only blow their whistle after determining that they can fully recover – that they won’t pay any real price. Nix didn’t have that luxury, but it didn’t stop him. He has paid a price. After four years at a small non-profit, Nix has taken a relatively junior position on the staff of the Wake Forest basketball team, but he’s excited about the opportunity and thinking about how this collection of experiences can create a new path forward for him.

Read more of Nix’s story in the Winston-Salem Journal or the Wake Forest website.